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PTO Culture - Do you log <2 hour PTO?

My company has a public calendar where any PTO logged by any employee is visible to all others. This makes it easy to see if someone is in the office or not on a given day (though it's not so fine-grained that you can tell which hours someone is OOO).

My question is: for salaried employees at your company, do you log PTO for <2 hour incremements (e.g. doctor's appointment)? The public vacation calendar, while helpful for determining someone's availability, also results in a likely over-count of PTO hours, and an overemphasis on reaching 40 working hours/wk for salaried employees.

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ZTrope90Product Designer  
I don't log PTO unless it's going to be a minimum of like 4 hours and even then, sometimes not. If you're just heading out for an appointment then I don't think you really need to log the PTO but I get it can be annoying and scary if your HR team or someone is looking at all the calendar invites to calculate PTO.



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