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Data Scientistย a year ago

Shifting Titles/Industry Specialization

Data teams and roles are specializing more -- with things like "Analytics Engineer" recently coming to the fore. So I wanted to gauge how people think about the delineation between these roles, or how people feel about this trend in general (seems like a natural evolution to me; but theres so much ambiguity still from company to company that it makes things difficult to access when job hunting or hiring).

What do the following titles mean to you now in terms of responsibilities and tools/skills expected? (in no particular order)

"Business Analyst"

"Data Analyst"

"Data Scientist"

"Analytics Engineer"

"Data Engineer"

"Machine Learning Engineer"

"Research Scientist"

Just really curious to hear people's thoughts on this subject. Thanks!

A2plusB2Data Scientistย a year ago
1. Excel, powerbi, tableau
2. The above plus SQL
3. SQL, supervised learning, unsupervised learnning, publishes white papers for business.
4. Guessing: data scientist but more cloud.
5. Software engineer for pipelines and automations.
6. Software engineer for models. Knowledge of implementation of ML, but can't interpret model results.
7. PhD. Creates new algorithms. Published in scientific journals.
A2plusB2Data Scientistย a year ago
These are gross simplifications, but i don't want to write a small novel.



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