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Backend Software Engineerย a year ago

Is it worth to work for FAANG?

Looking at so many layoffs from top tech companies mainly FAANG. Is it worth to work for these companies? People put hard work and time for preparation and go through regress number of interviews to get jobs in these companies but it seems none of the Tech giants gives second thought before layoffs despite of having good balance sheet in financial terms.

19g616l0lmwvo9Computer Scienceย a year ago
It's everywhere and in every industry. It all comes down to demand and supply.I was once an engineer for one of the biggest oil companies in the world and I always saw these layoffs all the time. It's much similar to the tech field in terms of compensation. People just loved the oil money even though their job security wasn't assured. I think people need to reassess their career goals and not rush into THE NEXT BIG THING.