1806fireman in  
Management Consultant 2 years ago

Wanna know why companies are freaking out right now and trying to cut every little personnel cost they can??

Shareholder returns are down more now than they were when the pandemic started because of the global supply chain shocks from the war between Russia and Ukraine. There is so much volatility right now and as you've seen in earnings report after earning report, companies are BLEEDING so much cash to just stay afloat. Strike that. Many companies would be HAPPY to be breaking even right now.

"On another measure, according to a McKinsey Global Survey of executive sentiment, the war has introduced considerable volatility in the risks that business leaders see to economic growth. In our March 2022 poll, geopolitical risk displaced the pandemic and inflation as the biggest threat to growth."

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McKinsey Global Surveys

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expedite4114Financial Analyst 2 years ago
That's what any company should expect when there's a war. Tbh, thats one of the issues with having a very militarized state in general. Peace is not something you can easily monetize and creating business ecosystems that profit off of the military seems 10x easier lol.