KickGoatsZoup in  
Data Analyst a year ago

MBA Grad Looking to Apply Degree

Are there any other semi-newly minted MBA (concentration in business analysis and business intelligence) Grads having difficulty finding a suitable position? 

A little bit of background: obtained my degree from a local university back in May 2020. I am currently working (about 1 year into a Data Analyst position) previous to that have 2 years of supervisory helpdesk exp and 7 years of tiered helpdesk support.
ItsSargeEconomics at Elon Universitya year ago
What do you mean by suitable? Applies your degree? Pays well? You enjoy? Vertical growth?Or do you mean you can’t get interviews/pass the interview?
KickGoatsZoupData Analyst a year ago
Glad you asked I’m talking about positions that apply to the degree, pays well (I’m thinking like 100k+) whether I even get to the interview is another story I suppose.



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