ikkard in  
Software Engineering Manager 2 years ago

Amazon vs AWS

I am currently interviewing for a SDM role at both Amazon and AWS. What are the major differencies, if any?

The projects that I might join is Amazon Prime messaging and AWS RDS respectively.

sidewazeSoftware Engineer at Amazon2 years ago
Note internally ppl refer to traditional Amazon as 'retail'. I only worked in AWS but based on exp with working with ppl from retail it seems like AWS moves much quicker and generally has better technical challenges. Retail uses more internal amazon systems whereas AWS is built completely on higher order AWS services. Ex. A service like CloudWatch is built on s3, dynamo, etc. It's cool cuz you get really really familiar with AWS. My understanding is retail is using more AWS now but it's not as much as working on an AWS team. Have heard good things about RDS. Don't know as much about prime tbh.
ikkardSoftware Engineering Manager 2 years ago
Great, thanks! What do you think about RDS? There are a lot of open roles worldwide for it, so it seems to me that is either too granular work or it is a really fast-growing project.