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Data Scientist 2 years ago

How to decide on role

I got a tiny raise this year and my company is dysfunctional so looking to change jobs in the next few months and struggling with what types of roles to target.

Over the past 8 years I've worked on backend, SRE, d3 viz and frontend, cybersecurity, mobile dev, and machine learning - with a healthy dose of GCP/AWS mixed in. 

While I liked some more than others (e.g. was not a big fan of SRE), none stand out as obvious favorites. In whichever field I work, I enjoy becoming an expert ln the current codebase/processes and optimizing them.

My same age friends in contrast focused on one specific area (eg backend or ios) for most of their career and are now getting insane offers double/triple my tc.

Curious if anyone has been in a similar plight and what advice you would offer.

19g616l153centSoftware Engineer 2 years ago
New versions of classic roles such as DevOps for ML would be a good field to pay attention to. Another example is security development (more offensive than defensive)
19g616l1279xacData Scientist 2 years ago
Could you specify more about offensive security development? Have not been able to find related info via Google besides the company Offendive Security