BrooklynBroke in  
Business Analyst 2 years ago

SWE Job for Federal Government

What are your thoughts about working as a software engineer for the federal government?

Pros: Consistent Paycheck, only work 40 hours, Pension, Unable to be fired after probationary period completed, Matching 401k at 5% no threshold, mission, predictable salary increases, friendly people, can work until age 70, student loan forgiveness

Cons: Application process is really long, Salary capped at 176k base, promotions are hard, hard to get things implemented fast
19g615l1c8yag4Software Engineer 2 years ago
I work for a federal contractor (with the NIH). I get most of the pros, few of the cons. My team is fairly agile and it feels fairly similar to non contractor jobs I’ve had, other than profit motives not being the center of any conversations. From my understanding, about the salary cap- that’s incredibly hard to get to, and can possibly require decades of experience and a PhD. My salary (5 yoe) is 150k currently and I just have my undergrad. I am hired at will, but I don’t think that’s all that important. I’d recommend looking at contractors over federal employment unless you have a very good reason.
BrooklynBrokeBusiness Analyst 2 years ago
I work with contractors and some aren't paid that great, less than a 100k. Then again, I make less than 100k.

I disagree with the at-will employment point. Maybe that has never happened to you. It has to me. Your boss could literally come over to you next week and say sorry we have to cut our budget and you have lost your job. When you are a federal employee, you have union protections. You will appreciate those protections when you have a mortgage, kids, and other bills due on a monthly basis.