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PO versus PM

Hi everyone! Our company is trying to become a Product driven company,ย  but struggling a lot with a definition of Product Manager. The reason why is because our Agile organization ( something like agile center of excellence) looks at us as Product Owners.ย 

In their mind we have to stick to the team, moving stories in Jira and prioritizing the backlog.ย We (Product teams) want to be true PMs, that care about the value and business instead of babysitting teams.ย 

What are your thoughts on it? How do you mix agile/safe and other frameworks with Product Management?

OreoDomino2424Product Managerย a year ago
Melissa Perri has spoken a lot about this. It's fairly common. Unfortunately, as an Individual Contributor, there's very little you can do to affect the entire org. That's leadership's job.

What you can do is change the way your team works. The PO is a role in agile scrum, and it can be carried out by anyone. You can fulfil those duties, and also take a stab at trying to figure out what's the most valuable thing to build next, and set a product strategy for your team. They don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Try and start small, and work your way towards larger change in your immediate vicinity. It can be really frustrating, I've been there. But anything worth doing is rarely easy.

Good luck!
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Thank you!



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