zuhayeer in  
Founder at Levels.fyi2 months ago

DoorDash updates vesting schedule to 40-30-20-10 for 2024

DoorDash's previous vesting was evenly distributed. Now its:

Y1: –^^^^–––––––––– (40%)

Y2: ––––––^^^–––––– (30%)

Y3: ––––––––––^^––– (20%)

Y4: –––––––––––––^–– (10%

This is also a signal to expect lower equity packages, nearly ~60% of share value they would offer just two months ago. This may make some of the data on the site irrelevant for the purposes of negotiations. Getting 350k equity packages now that would have been 500k six weeks ago 👀

I've also heard that if you have a competing offer at other large tech companies, they'll explicitly let you know that they won't be able to match it. And that you can choose to just accept the other offer if comp is what's important to you.

userinherfaceProduct Designer 2 months ago
Honestly I sort of like it. It's a focus on efficiency, which companies should have been doing all along. For year 1 $500k * 0.25 = $125k $350k * 0.40 = $140k Nobody is going to just sit there and take a pay cut after their first year of work. The goal is clearly to get refreshed or have the employee volunteer drop. You can even take it out to the second year and be about where you would have been with the evenly split vest.
xericoSoftware Engineering Manager 2 months ago
The biggest negative is that you lose out on much of the upside of the stock price doubling or tripling in the first few years, giving you massive TC during years 3 and 4. And there was always protection from downside scenarios there because you could ship and/or demand refreshers if the stock had plummeted.