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Software Engineerย a year ago

Has anyone been in this freeze and slowdown situation before?

I'm a new grad and never experienced this kind of thing before. It makes me anxious knowing that I really can't do anything to accelerate the process. I had 2 interviews so far and it's been a couple weeks since I heard back. I don't want to assume I didnt get the job but I also would like some feedback maybe? The recruiter who is in contact with them hasn't gotten word either.

spahgettiSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Saw this really good article on Forbes about what to do ahead of recession and it might be helpful here. Biggest takeaways are: - your fears and concerns are justified since the market is tightening up and companies are taking action to reduce their overhead, recession or not. There are real concerns for those directly impacted and a growing anxiety for those that believe they may be next. - take a look at your finances to make sure you have a decent runway just in case something happens. 3-6 months of savings at the bare minimum. - being proactive about your search now is a great idea given the market is volatile. Even one interview every few months is better than nothing. - lastly, reconnect with your network, organically. Dont show up when you need something, show up to just checkin and stay in tuch just in case you need some advice, a referral, or perhaps be top of mind when they have an opportunity that might interest you. https://www.forbes.com/sites/tracybrower/2022/08/23/5-ways-to-manage-your-career-ahead-of-a-recession/?sh=56e4bb9b3198