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Should i Join a normal startup vs Keep Preparing for FAANG or big Tech?

Hi, I'm totally confused today, been thinking for days and still need some help to make my final decision

Tomorrow is supposed to be my first day with a new company X that it's a new startup, not a well-known company after I worked with two big companies well known in the USA (not FAANG+)

So I was practicing algorithms, and now I'm finally getting comfortable solving medium problems.

Also, I have a google interview in mid-June.

So I have three options that I need your help with!

Should i:

  1. Start with this simple company just for the sake of keeping my income, helping them in work while preparing for other companies as well as FAANG
  2. or should Cancel and keep applying for some well-known brands, top 100 companies for example in the US
  3. Or should I ignore all of them, keep using my savings, and only focus on FAANG+

Note: it's been 4 months without a job!

1 month and a half been sick and overwhelmed

1 month just relaxing from the Computer

2 months been practicing algorithms daily

my savings are enough for 2 other months only

Latest TC: 160k Mid Level Full Stack MERN

this company's Salary is only $123k

team of three front end devs only including me


Frankthetank4Software Engineer 2 years ago
Get the job and save more. Don’t think that just because you worked at big companies before that small companies are “simple”. Comes off as arrogant tbh. Recessions and unemployment don’t care where you worked before. Trust me, there are a lot of ppl who learned that the hard way. Be smart, be humble, and save what you can and ride out the next year. Keep the applications going though. Opportunities wait for no one.
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