manzmike in  
2 months ago

Fulltime, Graduate, or to Start my Own Company?

Hello all I'm Kinda of in a Crossroad,

I'm about to graduate with my BS in Computer engineering in May of 2024. I've seen the lack of jobs in the field at the current moment and I have major experience at a few companies of Apple, Lockheed, etc and I feel as I won't get what I deserve as a engineer working for a company money wise. I'd like to start my own designing engineering company with Digital Hardware devices that make life easier.

What do you think I should do?

Idk1234567DevOps 2 months ago
Nobody will ever be able to give you the right answer. If you can launch your own company then do it, just know 99% of startups fail, but the experience will be worth while. Don’t be the guy who thinks he will start a company and make money 3 month in be prepared to make no money for at least 3 years. If your in that kind of financial position then give it your all.
manzmike2 months ago
Makes sense!