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UX designer job required

Hello all,

My spouse is looking for a new career in UX/UI design field. Internship experience for 3 months is available. We are located in Berlin, Germany and so far unable to get any interview in this market situation. Currently doing a contribution to an early stage startup without any pay. Any referrals / suggestions are welcome.

How serious does companies look into a degree in design? Will a computer science bachelors degree be fine as long as we have good behance projects?

paradoxxxxSecurity Software Engineerย a year ago
It can vary from company to company, but generally, a degree in design may be preferred or required for certain roles within a company, specifically in the field of design. However, having a strong portfolio of work and relevant experience can often be just as important as a degree, especially in the tech industry where skills and experience can be more valued than formal education. For referrals, you can try this site https://refermarket.com/ Saw this site from blind forum. It's a great app I guess because they offer job referral requests to companies that are still hiring and your role might be there. Just try your luck