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Software EngineerΒ 2 years ago

Backend engineers have tougher interview process

Don't be disappointed!

If you are a backend engineer and have been struggling to crack an interview, it might not all be your fault. We know that interview process is subjective, and not always the deserving candidate wins.

However, there is a growing concern within the community that interviews are getting more difficult for backend engineers.

I am lately seeing engineers from the frontend and devops space able to crack FAANG interviews more readily compared to the backend engineers (to some extent data engineers as well). One possible reason is the sheer number of backend engineer roles, thus more candidates to choose from. The probability of backend engineers getting DP, Greedy problems is comparatively higher than the frontend / full-stack counterparts, thus increasing the relative difficulty in the interview process.

One possible solution is to transition to frontend or devops if the goal is to only land a job in a top-tier company. The companies themselves don't necessarily care about your past work, so specializing for backend roles from an interview perspective is detrimental.

It is going to get more challenging in the coming future. So buckle up!

MokkshaaSoftware EngineerΒ 2 years ago
In my experience, front end is way, way more complex and difficult to wrap your mind around than back end. Back end is like doing math. In general, you know exactly what needs to be achieved and how to achieve it. Yeah, sure, there are plenty of complex tasks for the backend, but I'm speaking generally. Front end is more like trying to build a skyscraper out of a mix of lincoln-logs, dominoes, cards and lego bricks, while sitting in a spinning washing machine πŸ˜‚. There are so many terribly designed moving parts, and it's up to you to make something solid out of it all. It feels like being an artist who's given a broom, a dirty sponge, an old speaker grille, a grubby old sneaker, and a bucket of paint and asked to create a beautiful landscape. Although I'm not bad at front-end (I do it about 50% of the time), I find it incredibly frustrating and I'd rather be in the server-side code any day of the week.
cyberpowermacSoftware EngineerΒ 2 years ago
Second this. Some applications will have much more complex front or back ends, so it really depends on what you're building. One thing I will say for back end development though is the landscape doesn't change nearly as fast, whereas front end developers may need to learn a new framework every time they change jobs (if not sooner).