Toniย inย ย 
Financial Analystย 2 years ago

Hunting for a spring internship, but am starting full time at Amazon in the summer. Should I put Amazon on my resume?

Like the title mentions, I am looking for Spring internships for my final semester at college to make some extra money. I have accepted a full time role at Amazon starting in the summer and I want to know what you all think about me putting that on my resume to make it stand out a bit more?

Not exactly sure what I would put down for it because obviously I haven't done any work yet so can't really have any points for it but I am tempted to figure out some way to throw it on there just to boost my resume...? Thoughts?

jinyung2Software Engineerย 2 years ago
I know its not the strictest requirement, but most internships ive seen expect you to return to a degree seeking school program post internship. not sure if putting that youll be working for amazon after the spring would help your chances in such a case.
MuscatSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
Or that they would want to give you a return offer after you're done with school.