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Software Engineering Manager a year ago

Startup VP Engineering Comp

What is a reasonable salary + bonus package for a VP of Software Engineering role at a startup? Assume a company that has 50 employees, $25M-$40M in revenue, and seeks to triple that and sell. Unlikely to become a unicorn. I know this depends on equity - try to ignore that. Assume high cost of living area on east coast US. Any opinions or personal data points on this?

Already asked ChatGPT. Looking to see if any humans have an opinion.

WaigongCainSoftware Engineer a year ago
VP of engineer startup? Probably anywhere near north 200-250k I would say maximum compensation. Given that it’s a startup that’s not large. Which again limits A growth and B revenue.
WaigongCainSoftware Engineer a year ago
You could earn more depending on how well the company truly does or how desperate they are looking for more experienced management in their engineering compartment