Muscatย inย ย 
Software Engineerย 2 years ago

Zoom Fatigue

I have soooo many zoom calls in a day and I really don't feel like showing my face in all of them. I think there's this term 'zoom fatigue'? I'm feeling it.

But I also feel rude when most people are showing their faces and all they see is my name. And I'm also camera shy, so there's that too.

I really don't think my company will eliminate zoom meetings because I have teammates from all over the country/world. I'm just happy no one in the zoom meetings call others out for not showing their faces.

How do you guys feel about zoom meetings? For those who hate turning on your cameras, how do you deflect having to turn on your camera during meetings? Any companies that demand cameras on (need to avoid those in the future)?

coffeeplsSolution Architectย 2 years ago
I'm not the biggest fan of turning my camera on but for team meetings and all I don't mind it at all.
MuscatSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
the pressure is on for the team meetings where everyone has it on but me haha