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How to grow as a Software Developer?

Hi, I've currently been a developer at my current company for 2 years. I've been promoted, but I feel like my growth has become stagnant. I'm not sure how to grow in my current role. I'm looking for answers on how to go about it.
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I've just got to the four year mark so I might be able to have some input but it's difficult because no two experiences are the same. The fact you're worried about progression means you're doing it right.

So then I have some questions. Do you feel like this because you can tackle most problems which come your way? Or because the quality of your solutions are generally better than most of your peers? Have you nailed domain-driven design? SOLID? How are your automated tests? Are your deployments reliable? Do you write user guides?

I work for a small consultancy so, once I got to the two year mark, I had improved upon their software architecture with DDD and then felt I didn't have much to learn. When I interviewed at other places, I got all of those questions come up and realised just how vast it gets. My software was well written but our deployments were subpar. I could make good software but I couldn't describe my good choices. It was a real eye-opener on my shortcomings. If all of that felt trivial to you, all I can suggest is to interview a little higher, even if you don't want the job, to see which questions you get asked.
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Thank you for your answer! This open my eyes.
Recently i feels upset because my current company seems not fulfill their promise to give me visa sponsorship because of the company growth were stagnant.

I think i need to go for otehrs interview and see which questions will be asked then review it again by myself.



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