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Need some advice about an offer I accepted from Lockheed Martin

So a few weeks ago, I accepted an offer as an entry level Full Stack Engineer for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Texas. I'm super happy that I managed to get a job at a pretty stable company, given all the layoffs.

However, some things have changed since then. Basically, my grandfather is dying (he has stage 4 cancer), and he only has 1-2 years to live at most. Last week, he got a greencard so he'll finally be coming to the US to live with my parents. I love my grandfather a lot, he's my last living grandparent and I really want to be in my home state to spend whatever time he has left together. But the issue is that the Lockheed Martin position requires me to be onsite, and my home state is in the north-east.

I don't know what to do. I know Lockheed Martin hires based on the position in specific departments, so I don't know if I should bother asking HR. I'm worried if asking may jeopardize my offer.

As of right now, I'm applying to all the positions I can in my home state, but I don't have much hope that I'll find an entry-level SWE job there, given the state of the economy. I also would feel bad about reneging on Lockheed Martin because I genuinely want to work there.

Would really appreciate some advice, I really have no idea what to do.

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Sorry to hear that. Hope he has a comfortable couple of years ahead (as much as possible).

I regret not seeing my grandparents as much as I could have but I will say this:

They worked hard to pass on generational change and opportunities so you could get an incredible job at LM - don't forget that!

Ask HR if there's flexibility:

1. Work from home state
2. Work remote mostly and fly in 1 week a month.
3. Work remote 1 week a month and work on site all other times.
4. Schedule leave in advance so you can go visit him every month.

There's a lot of options there for you on different spectrums.

Don't fool yourself into thinking that any of it is all or nothing.

If this wasn't your dream job I'd say find something else... but as someone who also once dreamt of working for Lockheed Martin (I ended up finding my dream job in defence robotics elsewhere) I know that feeling.

Up to you what kind of sacrifices you want to make. Talk to your grandfather and your parents about it all. I can almost guarantee he'll tell you to go chase your dreams and just write back or call him or visit occasionally.

Don't squander your dream job without talking to your family first. That's not just YOUR hard work your throwing away but your parents' to get you educated, and your grandfather's for building enough to get your parents able to educate you.
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If after all those options are exhausted you want time with him (I know I would) then walk away and apologise sincerely in writing and promise LM that once family is sorted you will want to apply again.



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