Vicente Jr. Mirandaย inย ย 
Computer Scienceย atย Georgia Institute of Technologya year ago

How to View Contributions?

Hi all,

I'm a student and uploaded some data points about two offers for summer 2023. I would like to see if I can trace those data points on the company listings back to myself? Or if I can see my own contribution somewhere? Just wanting to make sure the data points are accurate, and also it's nice to see salary progression.

madscienceSoftware Engineerย a year ago
You can search for your own data entry. It'll take some work but you can go to the company page and keep using search/filters until you find yourself based on the data you submitted. I think if you have a job title that's not common or doesn't have a lot of data, Levels might not show it right away to help protect anonymity, but if it's a bigger company you should be able to find it.



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