Prashantt in  
Machine Learning Engineer a year ago

Career switch from Marketing to IT sector

Wanted some advice and help to land my first IT sector job as I've learnt Python,Mysql, Django basics.

Do I need to more skills?
Let me know what skills should I learn to get my first job....
simoSoftware Engineer a year ago
it depends on specialty of it job , if its web development you should learn more of basics how http protocol works how requested and responses work, then you should choose if u would like more backend or front end , depending on specialty or you can do both(full stack) you could learn more about html/css and javascript basic with some frameworks, otherwise u can learn more about OOP and design patterns (solid, ioc ,....), version control like git , vsts, ... would be a plus, lastly read about some project management like agile methodology as scrum ...



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