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DJ803mrkΒ inΒ Β 
Management ConsultantΒ 7 months ago

Crypto is def down really bad πŸ“‰πŸ’₯

Celsius is a crypto lender and they filed for bankruptcy leaving "depositors" unsecured. They froze accts and now people are hoping to get anything they can since here is no FDIC insurance.

Anyone here affected? How have they communicated this news to you guys?

nDoim301lCEmFinancial AnalystΒ 7 months ago
Some people are saying this was a scam and there's probably a lass action lawsuit incoming. I dont know how likely that is since I know nothing about crypto litigation but who knows. All the crypto news lately and the general perception of it being all complicated and mysterious might move legislation just to calm the public.
lambchop99SalesΒ 7 months ago
News like this makes it tougher for crypto to go mainstream but some might argue thats a good thing. As long as my coins don't πŸ’© the πŸ›, i dont care.