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Japan FE referals?

Is anyone working in Japan and their company has frontend dev openings? I'm a FE dev with 8 YOE, and I'm looking to move to Japan next year, would love to hear your thoughts on working in Japan.

I think this might be the first post mentioning Japan in software engineering context here in the community 🙂

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Working in Japan is incredible I sincerely think Japan has such incredible quality of life possibilities

I work in the states (NYC) and would go back to Japan in a heartbeat beat if it didn’t mean moving my family

There are a couple leaders in job boards for expats wanting to go to Japan. Checkout both Japan-dev and Tokyo-dev

As it’s already been mentioned. Japan salaries are certainly not up to US pay. But it’s on par or above most of Europe. Also most of Asia.

Japan is just behind in software but I think it’ll be at a good place in a decade or so. But there are definitely plenty of job opportunities.

And big tech pays well there. Get in with Google there and you’re set




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