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Software Engineer at Amazona year ago

How I Studied for My Amazon Security Engineer (L4) Interview

There’s a ton of content talking about software engineering 💾 interviews but not nearly as much regarding security engineering 🔑. So I decided to share how I cracked for my security engineer interviews (L4) at Amazon 👀. I won’t be sharing any interview questions or the format to respect the interview's secrecy.

You’ll see pretty much everything security-related, I knew before the interviews, the exact resume that got me an Amazon interview, all my coding interview notes, the 2021 security engineer (L4) job description (archived) and the list of security topics I based my studying on.

In the article I go over a few of security topics, recommend many core topics to study and link extra resources for studying. I hope this is insightful for aspiring security engineers and entertaining for the rest. To anyone currently looking to make a switch into cybersecurity, best of luck! I hope this helps 👍🏽.

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bringeeRecruiter a year ago
Great post, thanks for sharing! Wanted to add some notes as I used to be a recruiter for Amazon and I think they may be helpful. 100% agree that often times, the behavioral interview can be the most difficult. There's a lot of subjectivity with evaluating it, so it can be tough, but Amazon does try to make it as objective as possible. They do that by evaluating your use of data and trying to see how you make data-driven decisions. The example question about a time where you disagree with your boss is almost in every interview and interviewers are looking for a few things (not all inclusive): 1. Can you disagree tactfully 2. Can you provide data to backup why you disagree 3. What's the outcome? Do you just accept your boss's word as law? Do you go rogue and do it anyways? Do you find a compromise? If you can showcase data-driven decision making (and understand that qualitative data is still data), then you'll go a long way!
Chigozie AsikaburuSoftware Engineer at Amazona year ago
Thanks for sharing this! Yeah Amazon’s behavioral interviews are tricky. I admire how well thought out and rigorous they are. Your comment adds some great insight!