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Product DesignerΒ 2 years ago

Any experience with Pathrise.com?

The company is legit and has some great resources for finding a new role. Has anyone on here used them and had a good experience

When I asked one of the mentors about product designer salaries at companies like Facebook he thought $200k+ would be very high. Is the data on levels way off from reality or is it focused on tech hub located employees?

jinyung2Software EngineerΒ 2 years ago
Pathrise reached out to me on linkedin a while back and tried to get me scheduled with a mentor. The first two completely flaked and did not show up at the agreed upon time, the third person I actually got to talk to was a new grad, who also explained their business model of taking something like 5~9% of your income for the first however many months if you work with Pathrise. I decided it wasn't really worth my time πŸ˜…
MajorSoftware EngineerΒ 2 years ago
There are so many of those companies now. They claim to teach you how to study DSAs and interviews but they also seem disorganized. I think it could be the last resort for some people but there are just so many free resources out there.



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