Kyle Essenmacher in  
iOS Engineer 2 years ago

Anyone in tech in financial services able to snag a fully remote role?

Had 3 rounds wirh fidelity for ios dev role. They want you on site in 3-6 months in a shitty high col fidi district on some coast city. 

I like to test the waters with recruiters at places like DB and wells fargo to see if the recruiters are offering remote or if they're playing hardball. And sadly a lot of them are playing hardball like this DB one in the pic attached. I also know citi bank is damn desperate to get ios devs in texas and nobody is moving lol. The recruiters are snapping at me hahahah.


Meoiznaloeb9Software Engineer 2 years ago
That response was weird. Don’t see why you’d talk that way to a recruiter who’s doing their job. Probably best for all parties that you didn’t want to move. Keep that awful energy wherever you are.
19g6vl27sqrb6iOS Engineer 2 years ago
Bruh— my resume explicitly says on the top of it now “don’t call me for roles that aren’t remote” and guess how many recruiters called/emailed/texted me today alone for roles in Texas.

Please fucking guess



Software Engineer