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How to break into Aerospace

I am currently 2.5 yrs into my career as a SWE with a large tax firm building web apps. 

My passion is with aerospace, and my goal is to wrote flight software. Ideally with a private space org or NASA. 

Given that web development is quite different from writting flight software (in terms of tech stack, fault tolerance, etc), how would you reccommend I prepare myself to break in?

Any tips/suggestions for projects, open source and DIY, or general wisdom would be appreciated. The more specific the better!

Thanks, Cheers.  
smawivhbHardware Engineer  
Have you considered drones? I think if you could work on a flight program for them, that'd be a very clear sign to potential aviation companies that you have a sincere passion for the field. Jumping from finance to aviation seems like a big jump. Not saying its impossible, or that its hard, just not common?
TryrebootSoftware Engineer at Ryan 
Yep definitely not common. Getting a dev job out of college (2020) was my main goal, industry specificity was secondary at the time. Drones sound like a great idea. I’m aware of some open source flight software projects to look at. Thanks for the comment!