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Will companies now have the upper hand and force people to return to work?

Saw an article this morning that due to layoffs and fewer job openings at tech companies the "return to office mandate" may tilt in favor of the employer/company because the threat or thought of leaving for a remote job may be vanishing.

What are your thoughts? Will you continue to push for remote / flexible work? Or, does that not matter to you?

TxiburaskoBackend Software Engineerย a year ago
Tech workers still have the advantage of being in high demand.
That not only impacts salaries of course, remote work is a very good way to attract talent.

But even if demand is lowering, why would a company want their employees to be in the office? Offices are expensive, many companies might not even have an office or a big enough one anymore.

I think the return to the office is more about big tech having fancy expensive offices they can't get rid of that were designed for talent attraction/retention. So they want to use them for exactly that.
And also about big old companies were managers want their employees sitting where they can see them.

Apart from that, startups for example, I don't see why they would spend money in offices instead of hiring or team meetups. To my eyes it is wasted money and reducing your talent pool.

I would love to see more views on this topic.