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Meta London hiring for M1s

Earlier in the year Meta announced hiring freeze for M1s and others.

I've seen evidence that they are doing interview for Engineering Manager at M1 level in London. Of course, opportunities are much more limited than before.

I'm posting it here in case some might want to apply or contact their recruiter.

Evidence I have seen:

  • An Engineering manager in my network who was previously put on hold due to the freeze was contacted again by a Meta recruiter. They are interviewing for an M1 position
  • People in my network working at Meta London are doing interviews for M1 positions.

In the US, what have you folks seen?

sandoSoftware Engineering Managerย a year ago
We do hire for some critical roles. You can join here and ask fo referral
19g617l4zmmuw7Software Engineerย a year ago
invite invalid :(



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