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How do you rank CA cities?

So when i first moved here, I thought SF was this really chill place with good vibes and a great qol- great job, dry summers, rainy winters, and cool people.

Now 3 years in, there's so many problems people seem so desensitized to: the homelessness, no one trusts law enforcement and housing prices through the roof.

Thinking about a move. Where should I be looking? Would love your opinions

adorableFounderย a year ago
San Diego - It's pretty much like Newport Beach in the richer areas, close enough to downtown to do a few things without having to drive far. People aren't as crazy as SF by far, nicer than LA certainly, and more upscale than most of OC. Not as totally vain as you might get in Newport to Laguna, but that's a LA/OC thing - looks are important. Newport Beach to Laguna Beach - Rich, Upper Class lifestyle, well-tended lawns. This area is nice if you've made it. Close drive to much of the fun in OC without much of the "neighboor that just doesn't care to keep up appearances" issue. You'll feel less than adaquate without a Range Rover, $100k BMW, etc. (Teslas don't even count here when kids are driving Aston Martins 2x+ more...) LA is a shit hole versus prior years. Homeless of almost 70,000 and growing, crazies on drugs and more everywhere across the seedier downtown, even Venice and such, even formerly 'safe' places for the LGBTQ are turning into hit zones where gangs of criminals will run and gun you down to grab your valuables, etc. Think of it as the baby version of SF, but spread out from downtown south alone the 710/110 through South Central/Compton to north Long Beach, West along the tourist beaches, etc. Even Hollywood is not 'safe' anymore. Head on a swivel - always. Cheap homes? Sorry - the evil home flippers, real estate agents, and such have flipped $100k homes into $1million+. At 6% commission, that's $6,000 when an agent sold a $100k home, $60,000 for a $1 million home - you can see where the Greed is coming from. On the flip side, worries in Newport to Laguna include where to park the yacht, and which $$$ beach side restaurant to dine at before walking the pampered pup. The crappier neighboorhoods and cities in LA/OC? All the ones with ADUs (tiny homes in backyards rented out), no trees or beautiful landscaping, no garages and nice cars parked in them, etc. Bel Air, a touch of the area south east of Larchmont near Paramount Studios, Beverly Hills etc are few of the really nice areas. Just look up the crime maps - just avoid any city in them.