BrooklynBroke in  
Business Analyst a year ago

Anyone asking for more base instead of stock

For anyone who has received a new offer, have you advocated for a higher base salary instead of a stock grant, since a lot of tech stocks are garbage now? Were you successful in your request to get a higher base? From what base to what base? Like a base salary of 150k to 180k or only a base salary from 150k to 160k?
17d5er3khje4fhSoftware Engineer a year ago
Shopify just allowed all employees to switch between cash / stock more easily (kind of like Netflix): So absolutely, this is something all talent is thinking about and I'd totally ask for more base. Most of my friends recruiting now were able to get a lot more by negotiating, and after negotiating also sliding some of their stock into more base.
semanticsmatterTechnical Writer a year ago
More base during times of economic decline and more stock during times of growth. Thats always been my rule of thumb.