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Must Read this if you're Job Hunting

Hello All,

I am really glad I found Levels.fyi. This platform is truly one of a kind. I have learnt a lot of the past few weeks around companies, hiring practices and comp levels and thought I'd share some tidbits of my own.

Before I get started, a lil abt me:

I have been in the Tech world for over 20 years. I worked as an IC for first 13 (upto Principal level) and more recent 7 as EM at various levels (Director, Sr. Manager).

When recently I decided to switch my jobs, below are few things I observed:

1. Paying less on pretext of "passion for the cause" - This is the oldest trick in the book used extensively by recruiters and sometimes by managers too . They'll loop you in at a lower salary saying that they are looking for people who don't care abt money but are passionate about their cause.

Their usually pitch " We seek people who really committed to reduce carbon emissions like our founder blah blah ... "

Similar for other issues such as ending food crisis or education for the underprivileged or Mental Health etc etc. I got fooled plenty early on in my career while the founders were making billions and C-level millions and my manager hundreds of thousands.

Remember someday you'll have a family, kids, mortgages, school and college fees, older parents to care for, saving for your own retirement.

By not negotiation now you are putting at risk future of all these people who'll eventually rely on you.

The founders and VCs are not sacrificing any bit of their profits.

Don't get fooled.

2. Paying less on pretext of "You have just started your career, your focus should be on learning instead of making money".

You have invested time and effort to learn a skillset. May of us took out loans to educate ourselves. Don't get fooled by these statements. Again see point 1 above. Folks will exploit you as much as you allow them to.

Interview like an engineer. Negotiate like a business-person. Develop Street smarts.

3. Downplaying your position - Recruiters are trained to aggressively downplay your position . This is something I observed mostly while talking to FAANG companies.

Your level should be based on the impact you've had on business and engineering amongst other things. So negotiate well

Hope this helps!

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StudentComputer EngineeringΒ 2 years ago
This is great advice, love this platform