Levels.fyi partners with Pequity on real-time compensation data

This partnership will allow Levels.fyi clients to seamlessly import data into Pequity’s compensation platform.

Levels.fyi was started to empower professionals with data and tools to make better career decisions. We quickly found that employers have also struggled to keep up with rapid changes in compensation and that traditional employer salary surveys alone lacked the detail and timeliness to help companies stay competitive. Crowdsourced salary surveys lack the accuracy that compensation professionals need to make critical decisions. Levels.fyi is the only crowdsourced salary survey backed by verified Offer Letters and W2 statements to ensure the highest standards of accuracy. Our data offering augments traditional data sources and empowers employers from Fortune 500s to startups to attract and retain their best talent.

Working with multiple compensation data sources though is tricky to say the least. Matching job codes, leveling, and other dimensions across sources is error-prone and time intensive. This is why we’re incredibly excited today to announce our partnership with Pequity.

Pequity’s compensation platform simplifies the complex and time-consuming process of building a competitive, scalable, and equitable compensation program. Slice and chart all compensation data, set ranges and build offers collaboratively and securely with stakeholders all in one platform.

With this partnership, Levels.fyi data will be available for direct import into Pequity’s platform and allow for seamless analysis across all data sources. Uncover insights about competitors' compensation practices and fill gaps with an unparalleled level of specificity with Levels.fyi market data on the Pequity platform.

Levels.fyi clients will receive 1 month of free access to Pequity’s compensation platform.

Pequity clients that purchase Levels.fyi data will receive a 10% discount on their purchase.

Our missions are well-aligned and we’re thrilled to partner with Pequity on empowering professionals to make better compensation decisions.

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