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Top Paying Tech Companies of 2018

We've compiled the top paying software engineering companies and broke it down by experience level. These numbers astounded us, and we wanted to show you how competitive compensation amongst top companies can get. Check out the reported compensation for all companies at Comp.fyi. Not sure which level you fit in at? Check out Levels.fyi.

Compensation figures below reflect median total yearly compensation including salary, stock, and bonuses. As always, compensation and leveling depend on a variety of factors including interview performance, past experience, competitive offers, etc. The compensation numbers here are for the absolute top paying tech companies and may not reflect compensation for the rest of the market.

How did we choose the companies?

We have aggregated data from Levels.fyi (our flagship site) and used it to calculate compensation medians across all software engineering organizations by level. Here, we display the top 6 for the first three levels of the software engineering ladder. If you'd like to check out some of our pivot tables, send us an email.

Where can I contribute?

Submit leveling information for your company here. Submit your compensation details anonymously here.

Entry-level / 1+ Yrs of Experience

College graduates and individuals coming into entry level software engineering positions.

RankCompanyHeadquartersTitle NameCompensation
1LyftSan Francisco, CAT3$236,000
2AirbnbSan Francisco, CAL3$232,000
3LinkedInSunnyvale, CASoftware Engineer$210,000
4GoogleMountain View, CAL3$185,000
5TwitterSan Francisco, CASWE$180,000
5DropboxSan Francisco, CAIC1$180,000

Mid-level / 3+ Yrs of Experience

Experienced engineers that may have led small projects within immediate team. Many companies down-level incoming Staff Engineers into this level.

RankCompanyHeadquartersTitle NameCompensation
1LyftSan Francisco, CAT4$290,000
2LinkedInSunnyvale, CASenior Software Engineer$280,000
3AirbnbSan Francisco, CAL4$275,000
4GoogleMountain View, CAL4$260,000
5DropboxSan Francisco, CAIC2$255,000
6FacebookMenlo Park, CAE4$250,000

Been Around the Block / 5+ Yrs of Experience

Engineers who have led larger projects and can provide technical guidance / leadership in a team.

RankCompanyHeadquartersTitle NameCompensation
1LinkedInSunnyvale, CAStaff Software Engineer$430,000
2GoogleMountain View, CAL5$407,000
3NetflixLos Gatos, CASenior Software Engineer$400,000
3AirbnbSan Francisco, CAL5$400,000
5FacebookMenlo Park, CAE5$392,000
6UberSan Francisco, CASenior Software Engineer I$380,000