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Book 1:1s with industry experts across a variety of specializations to switch into and level up your career.

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Sam B

Engineering Manager @ YouTube

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Software Engineering Engineering Management Career Coaching Interview preparation IC to Manager

$300 / hr

John Ferneborg

VP of Talent @ QuSecure

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Career Coaching Professional Development Early Career to Executive Level

$325 / hr


Senior Strategy and Finance Manager @ FAANG

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Software Engineering Product Management Job Search Professional Development Early Career to Executive Level

$275 / hr

Shivansh Chaudhary

Chief Product and Technology Officer @ Fabric

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Product Management Software Eng / Development Engineering Management IC to Manager

$250 / hr


Data Engineer, Startups

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Data Engineering Software Engineering Interview Prep Early Career

$325 / hr

Salman Arif

Director, Product Management in Fintech

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Product Management Finance Career Coaching Early Career to Mid-Level

$350 / hr

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What's the cost?

Each coach has their own rate that they've set for hour long sessions with them. You can view the hourly rate underneath each coach's profile.

How long does mentoring last?

You can book hour long sessions with your coach and purchase additional hours as needed.

What kinds of topics can we talk about?

From negotiating your first raise to landing a new role or even what professional classes to take, your coach can help with anything work related. Potential topics:

  • Job search support (Coaches can help review your resume, practice interviews, and improve negotiation skills, etc.)
  • Career development
  • Professional goals
  • Looking to pivot to a different career
  • Negotiations (ex: first raise, merit increase, etc.)
  • Performance (ex: how to help you stay on track, figuring out a plan of action, be kept accountable, provide feedback, etc.)
  • Have something specific? Ask us.

How would I communicate with my coach?

Once you book a call, your coach will provide the best way to contact and communicate with them via your session.

How is my information being stored or handled?

All information from your mentoring sessions will be kept confidential between you and your coach.

What if I don’t find the mentoring valuable or helpful?

We value all feedback so that we can continue improving our process and coaching. Please direct feedback to

Who would I be working with?

Our coaches will cover a wide range of skillsets and industries. Take a look at each one’s profile to see which might fit your career goals best. Either they’ve gone the same route you want, or maybe you want a new perspective, the choice is yours!

Can I switch coaches?

We want to make sure you’re as comfortable with the coaching as possible. If you feel like your coach may not be the best fit now, please email and we would love to chat and help you decide.