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    One Company, One Solution.Aristotle is recognized as the pioneer in political technology. Every occupant of the White House — Democrat and Republican — for more than 25 years, has been an Aristotle customer, as are most U.S. Senators, most members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Democratic and Republican state party organizations. Year round, thousands of Americans involved in the political process — from grassroots organizers to Washington insiders — rely on Aristotle.Our staff has worked for the Federal Election Commission, the DNC and the RNC, state parties and some of the top political consulting firms in the country. Many of us joined Aristotle after using the company’s products in hard fought campaigns, initiatives or PACs. We know politics, we know what works, and we understand what is expected.Our experienced and skilled trainers conduct frequent complimentary trainings for all Aristotle customers throughout the year. In addition, we regularly hold open houses conveniently located at our office in Washington, DC on Capitol Hill. If you have specialized needs, you can also receive customized training on-site at your organization’s location.Aristotle has every product and service you need to make your team a success. Whether it’s campaign software, voter data at VoterListsOnline.com, PAC and Grassroots software and services, or 24/7 customer support, Aristotle is your one-stop solution.

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