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Software Engineer 18 days ago

Companies hiring in LA?

My family lives in LA, and my mom's a single aging parent. I'd like to be close to her and my community but my work is in SF and the company (Capital One) insists on hybrid attendence. I actually have only been to the office once, so I dont think they're enforcing it. However, every so often there will be a new communication from the leaderhsip saying we need to go to work... I dont know if I can just up and silently move, but its an option I've been considering. I'm wondering, however, if there are companies who would pay $145k and up (which is my current TC) for an entry level (1 year of non-internship, 2 years of internship experience) here in LA? Which are the best companies to work for here? I'd take a slight pay cut too since in LA I would live with my family and pay no rent. In SF, my rent is like $3000 and it comprises a significant portion of my take home income. Enough that I'm saving at a snail's pace wondering if I'll ever be able to afford a house in this huge bubble. 
CodebroSoftware Engineer 18 days ago
Try atlassian they offer remote roles
productworld1Product Manager 17 days ago
And at least you have a job to negotiate. Al’s says ask and inquire. I’m looking for a position after a layoff and LA has been very challenging to say the least.