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Hello bcg Detroit :)


Sorry this is such a long winded question but I want to hear if I’d be a good fit or career advice in general. 

The bcg office in Detroit near the Wayne state campus fiiiiiinally came online and I’m interested in a couple roles I’ve seen pop up there this past month. **Selfishly, My ultimate goal is to have the opportunity in find employment in a German speaking country** (top preference: Vienna Austria). I also have some industrys id strongly prefer not to contribute my time/skills to— automotive and oil. 

Last year was rough for me — my employment in ford’s rotational program was unalived bc….. I asked for a raise when I went from wfh to a factory who was laying off workers…. And I showed my displeasure with via making memes in group chats 🫣 I learned my lesson. Let me live pls - I was unemployed for a year being picky with what I accepted next. Then with maxed out credit card debt, I landed in renewable energy mobile app development— at a solar panel company called “sunnova”. I’ve been here for 6 months. They’re based outta Houston and I get full remote. It’s a sweet gig. I’m almost entirely out of debt now more importantly. 

:( But…… last week I posted in a group chat that I was planning a summer trip to visit university’s in Europe for PhDs. I asked if I could work remotely from Frankfurt or Milan in a wework office for two weeks and my manager told me no. So my job right now is :///remote but you have to stay in the USA://// My manager did say my company has international ambitions, but not right now where I’m going for my fun lil European phd tour. He also said that if I pursued a PhD I’d have to resign. Which is fine, that would be in the fall is my understanding, but I leaned that a product manager on my team said to my manager that they should just fire me now if I’m planning to leave…. So I’m on edge now. 

So my questions for the bcg folks who might be here are:
* how do I get passed the pymetrics quiz?? I failed it last time and I’m sorry, but that did not seem to test my qualifications for the role I was applying to when I applied two years ago. 
* Is the bcg office in Detroit mainly looking for people to work in the auto industry? 
* How long does it take to get an “international assignment”? Typically
* I’ve been at my current job for 6 months, and idk what my ultimate goal is with my career right now. Making partner at a firm doesn’t sound bad, but I know that’s a long endeavor. I still wouldn’t mind working at bcg after getting a PhD in data science or CS, but do you ⚡️need⚡️ that to make partner? I’m sure it helps, but does it speed up the process? 
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Uhhhg I wish I was still on fishbowl. My current company doesn’t let us use our emails for personal social media sites and I don’t have my old company’s email to get re-authenticated on fishbowl.

Levels is so 🌵dry 🌵with the management consultants compared to fishbowl



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