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Zrd224 in  
Computer Science 22 days ago

How do i become a software engineer

Hi im a 18 yrd highschool senior and i wanna know what i have to do to be able to become a sofware enginer.I wanna have a job in the field by the time i turn 21.I am not a big fan of uni and wanna know if I have to go to get a job or can i still get it without going?
WaigongCainSoftware Engineer 21 days ago
I’ll say this for you and others thinking the same thing; go to college kid. Do not skip college. You will have many more opportunities if you can get that paper. Part of this is because of the increased number of people going to college each year, and the level of competitiveness increase yearly. You not having a degree will weigh as a huge disadvantage. Alternative if you don’t get that paper, you need some accreditation such as maybe you can substitute with boot camp. But either way you need to have some form of ‘education.’ Unless you have really good discipline and are intelligent to actually self learn the field.
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