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Computer ScienceΒ 10 months ago

Amazon Canada hiring 3-Year Advanced Diploma Interns from College?

I am a College student in Ontario, Canada taking a 3-year program in Computer Programming & Analysis. Amazon states the qualifications for internships must be "Associates, Bachelors, Masters". But in Canada, our version of an associate's degree is a 3-Year Advanced Diploma. Do I have a chance of getting an internship?

19g616l12bqrm5Software EngineerΒ atΒ Amazon10 months ago
You might have to ask your co-op prof if they have any connections to Amazon HR that can verify your eligibility. I went to an Ontario college as well, and as far as being a fulltimer later on, anyone who passes the interview can get in.
19g6vl0cfetoeComputer ScienceΒ 10 months ago
Thanks. And if you don’t mind me asking, being from a College, how have you found the job opportunities? Have you had any success at larger tech companies or even FAANG?



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