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Twitter's Product Brand litterally getting X'd out by Musk

I know Elon can be a polarizing figure, but killing off the Twitter bird branding for an "X" genuinely seems like a knee jerk decision that ignores the difference between Company Brand and Product Brand. Unlike Alphabet (previously Google) or Meta (previously Facebook), "X Corp" isn't a parent organization over numerous assets. It actually kills off brand value.

The company Alphabet was making a distinction between the product of Google's Search, YouTube, etc and the org. Meta didn't get rid of the Facebook Product Brand either (tbh they did a better job than Google). Logos used for these products on websites still work, and users understand what to do when they see them.

Twitter changing to "X" might be clear for everyone following the drama, but can be confusing to end users. Doubt that will be great for conversions on icon clicks.

One of the big reasons (aside from userbase) to buy Twitter is its name. Feels like he's throwing a lot of that away. Anyone seeing something I'm missing here? Curious how Elon supporters justify the decision.

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How stupid do you have to be to see that your company name has become a verb and decide to get rid of that?