EngineerinTX in  
Mechanical Engineer 2 months ago

How to handle a new offer when I've already accepted another offer?

Here's the scenario that I'm in.

  • I was laid off in February.
  • I was fortunate to have 3 offers for my new role.
  • I accepted one but then they went into a hiring freeze and pulled it back (that sucked but from what I understand that place is a shit-show and I'm better not going there).
  • I accepted one of the other two offers (company Z) and set a start date of 4/17. There's a couple things that are not ideal about working for this company but compensation is really good and they've been good work with through this process.
  • Now company M comes along and I'm in play for an offer there. Interview process will complete next Monday 4/10. Company M is a better fit and comes with even better compensation and benefits package. Trying to get company M to accelerate things, the timeline is really tight with my start date on 4/17.

What do I do?

I thought about asking company Z to extend my start date by 2 weeks (start of the next pay period) but I don't want to have to answer the question, Why?.

Appreciate any input.

ChtkSoftware Engineering Manager 2 months ago
If you can't get company Z to postpone start date, your choice will be purely luck based, I was in a similar situation and chose to stick to the current offer because a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush, but I regretted it, but it was purely luck, because I was also running against the clock.
EngineerinTXMechanical Engineer 2 months ago
Thanks Chtk. Should I ask company Z to extend the start date? I'm afraid they will ask why and I don't want to lie or make up some lame excuse. They could also even pull the offer although I don't think they would. That two weeks would make all the difference.