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Applying to Multiple Locations in the same company

As a student applying for internships, is it a good idea to apply to the same role(SDE) in a company but for different locations?

I could see one job posting on the company's website for TX and a separate posting for CA location. Is it recommended to fill out applications to both of them separately or will that have a negative impact on my application?
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It might depend on the system they’re using to process these applications. If they use one system nationwide, which they probably do, you’ll have two applications. If they designed it to ignore spammed applications….I think you’ll have at least one application go through. I know Citadel asks you to apply for a role only once and not again before six months.
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This might have changed, but if the application system is Greenhouse, then you should be able to safely apply to multiple locations without any concern. For whatever reason, Greenhouse makes recruiters post the same job for multiple locations, they can't include multiple locations for one job posting for some reason. (Source: Recruiter friend of mine)



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