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Question for applying to jobs

Hey everyone, i'm currently almost ready to start applying for Junior Software Developer jobs and I have a question. For some background, I am self taught and have been eager to make this career switch from health insurance into something I am actually pationate about. My only question is wethere I should stick to start ups because i'm self taught or if I should shoot for the stars and apply to big companies? Also if there's any recommendations for where to apply i'm all ears. Thabk you all!
MuscatSoftware Engineerย atย JPMorgan Chase2 years ago
I'd say just apply to anything and everything that interests you. Most startups make their application process super easy so it wouldn't even take much time to submit one. If there is a specific industry that you're interested in, just google a list of that industry's companies and go to their career pages. LinkedIn is also a great place! Just look for entry level jobs on there and you'll find new ones almost everyday. Also don't try to limit yourself by thinking you're "just a junior" and look for "junior" jobs. Some companies might not have "junior" in their titles. Also, Levels has a page that posts hiring companies, so it's worth a shot to look into it: https://www.levels.fyi/still-hiring/ Good luck :)



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