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Product to Software?

Hey all,

Ive been working as an associate product manager for a bit over a year and have the opportunity to become an associate software engineer through my company. Ive been struggling to learn how to code on the side with a standard 9-5 and life, however i think this would give me a good opportunity to get some heads down focus on coding and get paid to do so. My goal is a) learn how to combine my product experience and coding skills to be a stronger and more technical product manager in the future and b) learn tech fundamentals to help manage any side hustles I want to attempt in the future

Curious on thoughts/comments on this. Thoughts that go in my head is, is this worth the career progression pause? Would it make more since to just try joining a more tech heavy or run the engine product team? 
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Why would you want to shoot yourself in the foot? All the folks nowdays want to get into PM for a long run. Unless you particularly enjoy coding - it honestly doesn't make any sense.
Hmm interesting, I think it’s more of a “I want to develop coding skills so I can be a stronger PM from a tech standpoint”. Being a PM seems like a competitive environment but I think by the time I could transition into software I’ll have a good enough background to make the transition back. Probably not at the level I would be at if I stayed in product but higher than an associate role



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