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Age limit on internships

Is there a age limit on Software engineering internships? I know that may sound like a silly question. However getting an entry level role can be diffcult to obtain. It seems like if someone was trying to get into technology with no degree or experience, an internship may help receiving a job offer or at least pD that resume. I love everyone thoughts on this matter.
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**About Me: Hii, I am Pushkar from India. I was enrolled in Bachelors(Major: Computer Science) in one of India's finest colleges but had to dropout because currently I suffer from Severe OCD, so I can't go to university regularly. I decided to learn programming and find jobs. I am still learning (will start applying after 2 months)

**Your Question: Some recruiters want atleast bachelors but for those who don't care about formal education, i don't think they will care about age as long as you neet other requirements.

Moreover, In this situation where hiring has been very slow, it is getting very difficult to get a entry level role. So, in that case internships, freelancing, open-source projects is the way to go (according to me).

Focus on meaningful projects, they also hold importance in the resume.

**Request: It seems like we are on the same road (entering into tech without degree or experience), so i would definitely like to connect with you.

My twitter: @kanth_prakhar

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Dude printing himself on level.fyi, at least you ain’t doing this on blind or else you will get roasted so hard by ‘tech’ bros. Good luck Indian man named. Prakhar



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