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Business Administration & Management at Lamar University2 months ago

MBA internship

Hello again! Anyone got any advise for a graduating MBA student to land a job even internships? I feel like Linkedin isnt doing me any good since im not just focused in a single area of expertise. I really dont care about the pay at this point I JUST NEED TO SURVIVE!!!

Industries im interested in are (in no particular order;
- Product Management
- Data Science
- Data, Cloud &/or Software Engineering
- FinTech
- HealthTech
- Consulting
- Business and/or Data Analysis
- Customer Success
- Gaming
- Defense
- Security

This is a long list (I Know!) but as someone trying to lauch an actual career any area will surfice! My MBA introduced me to Python, SQL & now Cybersecurity and i continued teaching myself to code in Javascript, React etc. Also self studying UiPath automation, AWS, Product Management & Data Science. 

Was recently accepted to two competitive courses at the same time, one focused on Product Management with real-life simulations, and the other in AI/ML via Samsung. Not sure if these certifications will lead me to actual jobs in the field but I thought since they're so competitive might as well add their certs to my resume when they're completed. 

Even paid for a short entry level IT course to see if i can gain the skills quickly to land a help desk job. As you can see i'm doing A LOT but thats because I dont have the luxury to be picky when i'm unemployed and these bills wont pay themselves 😭. 

Sorry for my long rant. Any useful advise and mostly referrals would be helpful! 🙏

I have attached my resume. Any advise on that too would be very helpful. Thank you all!


onpeutfairecaResearch Scientist 2 months ago
Hi joana, You don't have enough experience to warrant a 2 page resume. If you are looking for data scientist / data analyst positions, emphasize that on your resume and showcase that through projects and application which prove your skills. The samsung certificate might help you network with others like you in the program to get internships. Does samsung recruits from that pool of trainees?
joBusiness Administration & Management at Lamar University2 months ago
Oh thanks so much for your feedback! They said this course is just for it to look good on our resume for potential employees. They don’t have job placements unfortunately 😔