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Siddharth A in  
Associate 15 days ago

Does graduate college ranking matter

Hey guys,

I applying to universities that offer an MS in computer/electrical engineering in the US with a specialization in Front end vlsi - design or verification.
I wanted to know if the ranking or the name of the college matters when searching for internships/jobs.

PS - I am an international student. And have about 4 projects in design verification 
raoproducttechProduct Manager 14 days ago
Yes and No.

Candidates from a target school / top schools with internships, projects and Skills will have a better shot at an interview over others who are from non-target / lower tier schools.

Once you get a call, it's a variety of factors, competition and luck that will get you the offer, considering you have the skills and in general your interviews go well.

Sid98Associate 13 days ago
Cool, so referrals and good projects would supplement a bad college right?



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