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Finishing college but don’t know where to turn to

Finishing college with a web dev internship (been 6 months) but is not what I wanted in terms of life long work(stuck updating old java repos) looking for advise on how to go about swe life after graduation, I've done bits and pieces of game dev but nothing sticks out for me anymore feels like web dev killed my coding spirits.. any advise feel like im not the only one out here feeling a bit lost
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Victorious1099Software Engineer  
Definitely not the only one feeling lost, lots of new grads and folks entering tech are having struggles finding the right fit. What don't you like about web dev right now?
sheepcounterSoftware Engineer  
I liked doing little personal web projects (when i was learning js and tailwind) but for work it has just been refactoring web apps/services and rewriting tests for months in java and it feels like my brain is rotting away slowly.

To compensate i’ve been trying out other avenues like game dev but barely scratched the surface